Who Invented the Safety Pin?

Safety Pin is one of the Significant objects in our life. A normal person who can’t spend a week without a safety pin; for various purposes, one use the safety pin. People use these pins in cloths, flowers, and gather papers. In India, most of the people use these pins to remove their dust in-ear and a lifesaver for removing the tiny thrones from feet and hands.
The Question strikes now is “Who invented this safety pin?”

  A life of invention: Lewis native created safety pin, sewing ...
In 1849, New York city’s ordinary person Walter Hunt who accidentally invented this safety pin and becomes viral. one can surely say that every city in this world uses at least one safety pin. Also, he is known for the creator of the lockstitch sewing machine, hard coal burning stove, streetcar bell and many more. 
Biography of Walter Hunt -- Inventing for Pin Money
He first doesn’t know about what was he found. He randomly bent a brass wire with his magic hands and found this Even he’s not realised the importance of that pin that’s why he sold that patent for just $400 to the company “W R Grace and Company”. He also not applied patent for his sewing machine because it will make unemployment among the sewers; later Elias Howe invented the lockstitch sewing machine and proved that Hunt’s design is not much easier for the practical use.

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