Why athletes jump backwards over the bars?

 When you saw the high jump games is TV or playground that’s looks awesome. People jumping the bars where the height of the bar increases gradually. In 1993 Olympic Cuba athlete Javier Sotomayor successfully jumped the height of  2.5m this is the world record in the history of men’s high jump. In women’s high jump Bulgarian athlete Stefka Kostadinova, who holds the record for successfully reached the height of 2.09m in 1987. learn more about the high jump in Britannica


One thing is weird in this long jump event is athletes always jumping in backwards, why?. Here the center of mass comes to answer this question. Our body’s center of mass placed inside or outside our body based on the movement. When we are standing in the ground our center of mass is somewhere in our belly. Center of mass placed near to our chest while we are sitting.

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When athlete trying to jump the bar he first-run from a certain point; he needs to convert his horizontal velocity into vertical velocity. where the center of mass moves all the time based on the movement of our body. The athlete jumps backwards he points the center of mass of his whole body to the bar and making the arc change in the center of mass and drops him smoothly.

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The athlete trying to jump front side, need to spend more force to lift his body and his center of mass.

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