Why Bubbles are in round shape?

Soap Bubbles and water create the bubbles. Water contains Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Where Oxygen atom has a negative charge and the Hydrogen atom has Positive charge. According to the law of physics proposed by Coulomb. Says that opposite charges attract each other and same charges repel each other. From this principle, water molecules form itself. 

How bubbles made?

Bubbles made by the Simple physics relation called surface tension. It’s the tendency of liquid surfaces shrinks into the smallest surface area possible. This helps to insects float and slide on the water. Because of the Hydrogen bond, water molecules have higher surface tension. Based on the temperature and chemical substances the surface tension of water varies.

Girl Playing with Bubbles

Adding soap to the water changes the surface tension of water. This change creates soap bubbles. Soap molecules have two different ends one attracts the water another one avoids it. When we add soap into water opposite ends of soap attracts each other and forms a thin layer of water between them.

This layer contains a little bit of air. This one called bubbles.

Why bubbles are around?

Children Playing Bubbles

The surface tension present in the soap film forces to form the smallest possible shape for the volume of air. In geometry, spheres use the smallest possible energy to enclose the air. This is the reason for the round-shaped bubbles. learn more about surface tension USGS
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