Why Chandrayan 2 Was Post boned

Chandrayan 2 Was Post boned??

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 Indian space research Organisation ISRO planned to send the satellite to research on moon’s south pole. This Chandrayan 2 is the first satellite to research on the south pole. Chandrayan 2 is launched by using another GSLV Rocket. In 2008 ISRO launched Chandrayan 1 to research on the moon and funded the water in the moon. After the success of the Chandrayan 1, ISRO decided to launch chandrayan 2, yesterday morning  2:51 by using GSLV mag-3 M-1 rocket from the Sathees Dhawan space station in Sri Haricotta countdown for this launch is started on  Sunday morning 6:51. After that the launched stopped 52 minutes before the launch because of the technical failure.

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What Happens?

 GSLV rocket has three kinds of engines each one is different from others. Each one is functioned by the liquid, solid and cryogenic (liquid cool) fuels are used respectively. In a cryogenic engine, fuels are placed in liquid cool oxygen and Hydrogen are placed in separate tanks in the rockets. These liquids are controlled by a Helium valve. Here He gas is used to opening the valve. In the launching time, scientists were found the leakage in the Helium cylinder and they stopped the launch. They give the launch date after the problem is to be solved.

Key features of the chandrayan 2
  • India become first nation to place a satellite on the south pole of the moon.
  • Fourth nation to land a rover on the moon
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