Why human Gas smells bad??!

Why Human Gas smells bad?!!

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            Every person in the world is not the same, each and every one is unique in nature. most of the animals like Skunk and other some bugs are smells very bad. Likewise human gas also smells bad not for all some Human’s gas are smells too bad like rotten eggs. Some Other person gases are difficult to compare with other things in the world. This smell caused by various reasons some of the good reasons are displayed below.

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The most common reason is rich Sulfur content. The odor of the gas by the sulfur content foods like broccoli, cabbage, Meat, Eggs, Onion and Garlic. These foods are having more amount of sulfur that causes the odor in Human gas.
Another reason is  Medicines, Intake of more tablets also causes this kind of odor in our gas.
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Colon cancer. This cancer is related to the development of the uncontrolled cell in the digest system. This causes the odor in Human gas.

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