Why Is Everyone Talking About Zero Gravity?

zero gravity
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     When you toss a coin above the sewage line, gaps in your fingers miss the coin then a mysterious person comes into action. That person pulls your penny into the sewage, so you need to forget it. A similar case in your ice cream cone also, research says 50% of kids drop the cream. This mysterious person is known as gravity. He pulls your icecream, penny and everything around the world. He’s the person who keeps you in the ground.


     What happens when we don’t have this mysterious person? In other words, the zero-gravity world. You can float in the sky, don’t need a taxi for an office even you can break your boring class and fly away through the window.

Weight difference:

Weight of the person or other object changes with the gravity of the planet. More we say that acceleration due to gravity. When someone drops the ball (not a bowling ball because that will kill somebody) from the tenth floor, the ball exactly falls with the acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2 without considering air friction. Not only the ball all object falls with the same acceleration in our world. Based on this acceleration weight of the object changes. Each planet has different acceleration due to gravity. 

     For example, Baby Yoda having a mass of 2kg; when he arrives on the Earth, his weight changes to 19.6 Newton. When he landed on Jupiter, his weight rises to 50 Newton. He needs to spend more energy on each step to walk. When he dropped on our moon, he floats along the surface because his weight reduced to 3.2 Newton.

Kilogram changes 

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Zero gravity:

     Zero-gravity or weightlessness becomes fancy these days. People all around the Nation spends more money to enjoy the zero-gravity tour. So, what it is? All of you know that astronauts in the space station never walk. They float all around the station. Also, their accessories, foods and even tears can fly Because the space station has only 80% of the Earth’s gravity. 


     The space station also attracted by the Earth’s gravity, same as the ball in the above discussion. But the space station produces artificial acceleration to match against the Earth’s gravity. The space station’s motion is a circular path, so there’s weightlessness that takes place. It called a zero-gravity. You can experience the gravitational pull in the merry go round.

Improvement of zero-gravity:

zero gravity
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     Without going into space, we can experience zero-gravity. From the year 1959, aeroplanes used to create the zero-gravity experience. For reach, the zero-gravity planes are climb along the 6 miles parabolic path with 1.8g acceleration and stables at some point, then falls with the same 1.8g acceleration. Passengers feel the zero-gravity only in the stable period. In just 22 seconds, the magic ends. A usual flight trip creates 30 parabolas. NASA and European Space Agency do this for students and train their astronauts. In 2012 the zero-gravity magic commercialised. The zero-gravity corporation is the leader in this field.


Do you have $5400? then you’re able to experience the magic of Zero-gravity. Don’t forget the tax. 

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