You will walk on the Fluid Simple trick


                 we know that all fluid atoms are loosely packed compare to the solids so, they can fall from a higher place to drought instantly. All fluid has its own viscosity that allows the fluid flow from one place to another. Newton says that viscosity is nothing but the fluid resistance against deformation for the given time period. For example, honey has more viscous than water. Viscosity classified into two groups time-dependent and Non-Newtonian.
                    In Non-Newtonian fluid, their viscosity depends on the stress applied to it. based on the applied stress Non-Newtonian classified into three major classes they are Dilatant ( increase viscosity by increase applied stress), Pseudoplastic( decrease viscosity by increase applied stress), Generalized Non-Newtonian( constant viscosity by applied stress)

Some Example for Non-Newtonian fluids

                       Dilatant                          –  Corn starch
                       Pseudoplastic                 – Nail polish
                       Generalized                    -Custard and Blood Plasma

 Non-Newtonian fluids are Flubber made by (PVA), plant resin, ketchup, chilled caramel on ice cream.


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